Webstream.us was created to be the leading provider of live broadcast events.  Sure there are other places that you could use to stream your event online; however, we have found that many people get stuck on all of the technical aspects of online streaming.  That is why we set up webstream.us where we have a technician present at your event that takes care of all the streaming for you.

How It Works

There is a lot of technical stuff that goes into broadcasting a live event online; however, the simple truth is that you won’t have to worry about any of that.
When you allow us to stream your event we take care of everything. We realize that you have enough to worry about already without having to bother with things like cameras, microphones, bandwidth, website design, embedding video and all of the other things that go along with broadcasting.
So when you allow us to stream your event you have a dedicated technician there with you that takes care of everything.

But here is a quick overview of the process.

1: We chat for a bit and get to know the details of your event.
2: Together we decide on the best package to fit your needs.
3: We create a custom website (Webstream.us/evemtname….) that you can give to your friends and family to view your wedding. (custom urls www.YourEventName.com are available as well)
4: On the day of your event our technician comes and sets up all of our gear. The tech also makes sure that everything is working properly.
6: The Technician monitors the web-stream throughout the event to ensure that everything is running properly.
7: After the event we pack up all of our gear so that you don’t even have to clean up after us.